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How do you measure success? Is new customer acquisition the greatest accomplishment? What is the relative value of customer retention? Can you measure the impact of your marketing efforts, and if so what are the characteristics and metrics that define that measurement? Finally, can you sustain that success within the original niche, and can you replicate positive results across geographic or demographic boundaries?

Long-term marketing success in this option-rich digital world begins with a solid marketing plan. This plan should be based on a sound understanding of your value proposition, the market in which those values will thrive, the limiting pressures that might curtail sustained growth, and the potential to translate success across boundaries.

At Brandywine, we work with our clients to develop actionable marketing plans that generate results and that can be tracked and evaluated for real success. Our seasoned consultants serve as key members of the client team, as needed, to achieve that success.

Highlights of Brandywine’s methodology to building a long-term marketing approach:

  • Discovery

    • Catalog all assets and constraints,

    • Validate assumptions and expectations,

    • Identify competitive forces, and

    • Develop an assessment.

  • Strategic Market Planning

    • Modify / finalize assessment,

    • Develop strategic marketing plan,

    • Itemize and validate assets, and

    • Develop budgets, metrics, and milestones.

  • Execution

    • Develop campaigns,

    • Launch campaigns, and

    • Monitor campaigns.

  • Track & Analyze Results

    • Assess individual campaigns,

    • Assess progress against the strategic marketing plan,

    • Adjust plans as needed, and

    • Adjust campaigns as needed.

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Since 1987 we have been helping our clients to build their organization, to manage operational risks, to know their constituents and customers, to understand how their markets are changing, and to implement marketing strategies to grow their market share.

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