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It is no surprise that marketing campaigns and creative solutions that work well for one business don’t necessarily translate to winning solutions for another one. Even within the same organization, campaigns and creative that worked once frequently miss the mark (not to mention management's expectations) in subsequent roll-outs.

What’s the difference? Is it the message, the offer, the timing, the creative, the media used, or the audience?

The answer is probably a combination of some, or all, of these; but the time to answer the question is definitely before the campaign design activities even begin.

Whether consumer or business, today’s target audiences have unique, and changing, preferences and characteristics that drive successful marketers' decisions on the balance of traditional or cutting-edge channels. Evolving technologies and communications patterns and information make the array of digital choices so broad that the focus on achieving measurable end-results is easily lost during the planning and design process.

From strategic planning to creative design and production, Brandywine Consulting brings a team of consultants and designers to each marketing opportunity to insure that campaigns are designed to hit their target audiences with offers that matter, messages that resonate, and creative that lingers.

Whether building on prior campaigns for established products or services, or introducing new offers or fresh concepts, our experience shows that each marketing and communications program performs better when challenges and opportunities are identified, potential is quantified, and measurable goals are set well before the focus on media, messages, and creative concepts is begun.

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