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Brandywine blends innovation and expertise to provide consulting services that make you, and your organization, more effective. We complement client management and leadership by bringing a fresh perspective and proven approaches that help business owners and senior executives crystalize their vision and build the path for the sustained growth of their business.

Starting with strategic visioning, and progressing from market assessment and strategic plans to tactical implementation and tracking, we work with each client to bring unique expertise to serve as a guide and catalyst to the process. In this capacity, Brandywine provides leadership and support in defining or reassessing market opportunities and strategic plans as well as in performing gap analyses to initiate process and resource changes needed to bring these plans to fruition.

Even the best concepts and plans need strong organizations and the incorporation of best business practices in order to succeed. Brandywine helps its clients build organization structures and incorporate business growth and risk management practices that are designed to drive long-term success. From formalizing responsibilities and reporting structures and developing safe-hiring protocols, to providing background screening services, Brandywine increases its clients' ability to realize their vision and protect their future.

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Since 1987 we have been helping our clients to build their organization, to manage operational risks, to know their constituents and customers, to understand how their markets are changing, and to implement marketing strategies to grow their market share.

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