Solutions to clients' business needs frequently include the selection and use of third-party software systems. Brandywine works with its clients to identify the best options and assists them in the acquisition and implementation processes.

When appropriate, for sales and marketing campaign management Brandywine offers its own proprietary software solutions as a proven option.

SMMART® A Field Sales Management Solution

SMMART® is a perfect solution for organizations that have busy sales managers on the road who are desperate for actionable information to keep them, their sales team, and their merchants/franchisees competitive. It is designed to provide accurate, comprehensive, and timely information to all levels of the field sales organization and to provide an open communications environment that simplifies pipeline monitoring and management, call planning and tracking, and sales performance reporting.

The system is self-expanatory and users don't need to be computer-proficient to reap the benefits of SMMART®. All views, reports, graphs, maps, and drill-downs are point-and-click driven. Most reports, graphs, and drill-downs can be easily broadcast without leaving SMMART® and data can be exported to Microsoft Excel® for further manipulation or custom reporting.

SMMART® is designed to handle multiple types of channel-marketing configurations. Whether independent franchises, company stores, or combinations thereof, SMMART® simultaneously tracks and reports on multiple sales structure levels. Information builds up from individual end-customer/product purchases through the channel hierarchy into sales territory and regions.

Sales professionals in the field are often hamptered by poor, or non-existent, access to the Web, so to optimize usability SMMART® is a traditional client-server platform designed to integrate with clients' legacy systems through customized interfaces regardless of online availability.

CampaignConsoleTM A Marketing Campaign Management Resource

CampaignConsoleTM is an integrated Cloud solution for marketing management that centralizes information and drives action from planning through post-campaign tracking. It provides tailored access for individuals in all aspects of the marketing cycle. In the full sense of SaaS architecture, the access-secured service is scalable and functions as well from tablets as from desktops.

Implementing the Campaign ConsoleTM is facilitated by the fact that it does not require any application software on users' devices, and can be fully functional without interfacing with IT resources or systems.

CampaignConsoleTM supports all stages and aspects of the tactical planning and implementation process. It forms the central point of communications between all segments of the marketing team (planning to tracking, creative to implementation) and establishes the single point of reference for live and archived documents and images.

CampaignConsoleTM provides a single point of planning, reporting, and tracking of multi-channel programs (broadcast, social media, print, events, sponsorships, online promotions, etc) in a secured and highly accessible environment. User access is controlled by management criteria and allows all constituents to directly interact with relevant information and functions.

CampaignConsoleTM facilitates budgeting and resource management, and is designed to provide actionable reports and alerts that will highlight campaign effectiveness and provide quantifiable metrics for return on investment at the program level.

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