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Nonprofits exist under the mantle of their mission and generally are chartered to serve their constituents. Successful nonprofits are both altruistic and businesslike. They typically master the blending of sound fiscal and operational practices with a humanistic approach to fulfilling their mission. Brandywine works as a driving force on the team in defining or reassessing mission-development opportunities and strategic plans as well as in performing gap analyses to initiate process and resource changes needed to bring these plans to fruition.

From board development and formalizing responsibilities and reporting structures, to developing/executing safe-hiring protocols, and to building/strengthening the bonds with constituents, Brandywine increases foundations' and institutions' ability to serve their constituents, to realize their vision and protect their future.

Examples of the projects in which our consultants have played a leading role include:

  • Planning

    • Mission Statement development,

    • Communications/Public Relations planning,

    • Strategic planning,

    • Crisis Recovery planning,

    • Budgeting and Fundraising planning,

    • Organization development, and

    • Succession Planning.

  • Execution

    • Policy/Protocol Development,

    • Operational Risk Assessment & Management,

    • Pre-Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing,

    • Pre-Employment Aptitude & Integrity Assessment,

    • Campaign Management,

    • Sustainability Analysis,

    • Constituent Development/Retention Analysis,

    • Institutional Development Performance Analysis, and

    • Return on Investment Analysis.

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Since 1987 we have been helping our clients to build their organization, to manage operational risks, to know their constituents and customers, to understand how their markets are changing, and to implement marketing strategies to grow their market share.

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