Emerging Business Solutions Helping Young and Small Businesses Reach Their Potential

Since its founding, Brandywine has built its consulting practice based on learned expertise and proven approaches to help business owners and senior executives crystalize their vision and build the path for sustained growth. These experiences have come from working with Fortune 50 clients as well as small business clients, and give Brandywine the ability to translate successful concepts across both business worlds and to deliver innovative solutions to our clients regardless of their size or life-stage.

Building a successful emerging business makes high demands and offers great rewards. External limitations to growth (competition, economy, etc) will continue to change so the internal strength of the business becomes increasingly important. Innovative solutions from Brandywine can help build that strength.

Examples of the projects in which our consultants have played a leading role include:

  • Planning

    • Business planning,

    • Market potential analysis,

    • Strategic planning,

    • Risk Analysis & Management,

    • Budgeting and sales planning,

    • Organization development, and

    • Succession Planning.

  • Execution

    • Pre-Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing,

    • Pre-Employment Aptitude & Integrity Assessment,

    • Marketing Campaign Management and Tracking,

    • Channel Sales Management,

    • Developing a social media plan and presence,

    • Customer development/retention,

    • Website development and hosting,

    • Decision-support systems design/acquisition/implementation, and

    • Inventory and warehouse management systems.

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Since 1987 we have been helping our clients to build their organization, to manage operational risks, to know their constituents and customers, to understand how their markets are changing, and to implement marketing strategies to grow their market share.

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