About Us Who we are and What makes us tick!

Our Background

Brandywine Consulting Group, Inc. is an independent management and marketing consulting firm which, since 1987, has served client organizations ranging from Fortune 50 corporations to small businesses and nonprofit institutions that are based across North America. These include companies in agribusiness, communications, construction, distribution, education, financial services, healthcare, health/human services, manufacturing, professional services, publishing, and retail.

For over thirty years, Brandywine's founding partners have maintained a working role in every client engagement as well as leadership of the firm. Our team of professional consultants, analysts, advisors, and developers bring years of experience to their roles in each engagement.

Our Niche and Approach

Organization Development Services

Brandywine's mission is to help its clients build their organization to achieve their goals and to minimize the operational risks to their long-term success. From formalizing responsibilities and reporting structures to developing succession plans, we strengthen our clients' operations. (In the nonprofit arena, we work to infuse their mission statement through all aspects of their management, organization (including Board Development & Cultivation), policies, and practices while maintaining effective best-business practices.)

We work with our clients to develop safe-hiring policies and protocols and, in tandem with providing aptitude/integrity assessment, background screening and drug testing services, we increase their ability to realize their vision and protect their future.

Brandywine's Services include:

  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Applicant Integrity Assessment
  • Pre-employment Background Screening
  • Employment Drug Testing

Business Development Services

We work with our business clients to know more about their existing customers, and to develop and implement business strategies focused on building brand awareness and affinity; and to find and cultivate those prospects that have a good potential to become lifetime customers.

For emerging enterprises and mature businesses looking to grow, we provide leadership and support in defining or reassessing market opportunities and strategic plans as well as in performing gap analyses to initiate process and resource changes needed to bring these plans to fruition.

As part of our knowledge base, Brandywine continues to analyze the full spectrum of market and demographic trends and norms. To do this, we have created analytical approaches and proprietary models that are tailored for each client's needs.

Brandywine's Services include:

  • Market Analysis & Business Planning
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Marketing Campaign Development & Management
  • Customer Development/Retention
  • Creative Design & Development

Our Client Roster

Because current search technologies can be invasive and for the reason that the work that we do with our clients frequently involves a confidential understanding of their corporate plans and directions, in deference to the preferences of our longstanding clients Brandywine does not publish a client roster on this site. We are, however, happy to discuss these on a private basis at the appropriate time.