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Assessment testing is more just than a tool for matching the worker to the job. It is a guardian at the gates of a business. Between one-third and one-half of businesses fail because of employee theft. With valuable data about a company (including intellectual property and customer information) centrally located on computers, businesses have greater vulnerability to a single devastating incident of dishonesty that can cripple them. It is more important than ever to feel confident about those people a business welcomes into its family.

Resumes and background checks give you the When, What, and Where of an applicant's history. Assessment testing fills out the picture of Who: the capabilities, the character, and the personality of the potential employee.

Assessment testing is also a benefit for the newly hired employee: by knowing their strengths and weaknesses, managers can better place them where they will be productive and satisfied. They will know how to tailor job training to best serve both the employee and the company. And when promotion time rolls around, managers will know who measures up and who needs more time and attention to hit the mark.

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