BCGSmartCheck announces a new monitoring service as part of its BusinessAware Solution.

In dynamic times, businesses need to keep ahead of potential changes in their partners’ or customers’ financial stability, BusinessAware now offers monthly or quarterly alerts on key business and financial indicators.

Market pressures and internal changes in an organization can erode its ability to continue to sustain its business or to maintain a positive payment pattern with its vendors/partners.

As part of its BusinessAware solution, Brandywine now provides an option to deliver monthly or quarterly monitoring alerts to BusinessAware clients about flags that highlight changes that potentially affect their customer’s or partners’ business or financial trends.

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BCGSmartCheck BusinessAware… getting to know your partners and customers.

When growing by merger/acquisition, discovery becomes a fundamental first-step in the process.  However, the process of discovery during organic growth typically gets much less attention.

Brandywine announces BusinessAware, a new extension of BCGSmartCheck, designed to help businesses organically grow their business by making informed decisions about the companies and individuals that they add as business partners or clients/customers.

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BCGSmartCheck eReferences… a better solution

Regardless of the type of position you are trying to fill, finding the person with the best qualifications and the one that will fit in best with your team can be two different challenges.

Resumes document qualifications but don’t adequately tell you “who” the candidate is. 

Sequential interviews are a fundamental way of broadening the basis for “knowing” who will be joining your team.  But that still leaves gaps.

Traditional prior employment verification is an important way to verify timelines but still don’t fill the need because prior employers really aren’t at liberty to give much information.  Plus, they can take valuable time.

That’s where professional reference checks play a key part of the process.

BCGSmartCheck eReferences can be the perfect solution to this need.

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Brandywine Consulting Announces a New Strategic Partnership.

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA (March 30, 2015)  –  Brandywine Consulting Group, Inc  and Primepoint, LLC have joined services and products to provide employment background screening integrated within the human resources and payroll management processes.

Predatory actions in the workplace, losses from stolen intellectual property or other assets, and the potential dangers from misrepresented skills, experience, or educational achievements are increasingly becoming common topics for senior managers and executives as well as board directors.

The cost for businesses or nonprofits to recover from illegal, improper, or violent actions of an employee (whether full-time, part-time, or contract) or of a volunteer/intern can critically damage their operations, finances, and reputation.  Even more than the products or services it provides, the trust and harmony of an organization’s workforce and the reputation and trust that it has with its clients and investors are the assets that are the most difficult to replace or rebuild.

From a risk management perspective, the cost of defending against (or recovering from) harmful incidents is significant.  At the same time, the staying on top of the ongoing introduction of new regulations at the federal, state, and local level to protect individuals from discrimination or negligence has become a fact of doing business.  This raises the bar for businesses to properly recruit and acquire talent as well as to defend themselves against discrimination or non-compliance claims, the cost of which can be both operationally distracting and financially draining.

Safe Hiring Practices (which incorporate credible background screening and verification as part of a comprehensive safe hiring program) should be a standard practice for building workforces in organizations of all types, sizes, and life-stages.  BCGSmartCheck provides the full spectrum of employment-related assessment, screening and verification, as well as employment drug testing.

Through this partnership, Primepoint, now offers customers the ability to efficiently initiate, report, and manage the background screening process from within its payroll and human resource management system.